Why Eggs Are The Perfect Meals

Why Eggs Are The Perfect Meals

Bioengineered Eggs vs. Natural Eggs

Sure, it's true that Cholesterol is within the egg yolk. And in addition it's the true that Cholesterol is naturally occurring in our brain. In truth, we want Cholesterol for Eier kaufen normal brain functioning...

Plus, your liver makes ninety five% of your Cholesterol supplying all your body needs. Not only that, Ldl cholesterol content in eggs is just as pure as protein and vitamins.

Imagine you will have ALL nutrients necessary to provoke a new life in a single small egg... Human eggs or animal eggs... all eggs are priceless vitamin source.


Brain washing towards eggs is so intense, that we keep forgetting how perfect ORGANIC eggs are... Well guess what... even more good are the fertile eggs.

You will get everything you need and the list is long... Nutritional vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Protein to name just a few... all in perfect balance.

Eggs are the winners, but the negative publicity through the years did lot damage to the 'eggs image' and the result's devastating. More and more people are buying cereals... they turned to the competition.

The competitors?

Cereals! Man-made ingredients are competing in opposition to God made eggs. The only approach to win, it's to continue what they do now by discrediting eggs.

Media are Selling Fear! It seems that you haven't any resolution aside from to purchase Cereals.

Besides, based on my analysis, there is no reputable examine done which would blame eggs for Cholesterol build up. All negative data's are fabricated to discredit not only ORGANIC eggs, but the whole egg industry.

However still, I've good news to share with you from Dr. Clare M. Hasler, Ph.D, of the University of Illinois: "it is now recognized that there's little if any connection between dietary cholesterol and blood ldl cholesterol levels..."

And "eggs are an excellent dietary supply of many essential (e.g., protein, choline) and non-essential (e.g., lutein/zeaxanthin) components, which could promote optimum health."

And from Dr. Zeisel - Data for new moms: "the mom's dietary choline during a essential interval in brain development of her toddler influences the rate of beginning and demise of nerve cells in this center."

So, who told you recently that eggs are bad for you?

The egg source in your diet makes a difference because bioengineered... man-made corn is fed to typical chickens. It seems that poultry is sicker than one that eats them. Sure?

Poultry and different animals are growing quicker and fatter due to hormones... And sick animals are stored alive thanks to medication and antibiotics. Hey, if these eggs are on your table, you ought to be concerned.